Fuji Apple

“The sweetest”

FRUIT: medium of constant shape, fairly symmetrical spherical or slightly oblong, circular in cross section; core medium large; eye cavity of medium size; calyx normally closed, peduncle average.

PEEL: medium thick-thin, light green background colour with red stripes, variable shades from red to deep red streaked on over half of the fruit; smooth surface; medium in size and number, rusty, obvious.

FLESH: white, fine in texture, very firm, crisp and juicy, medium sweet, slightly tart, slightly aromatic and palatable.

AGING: end of October.

MARKETING: October to June, and from July to September it is imported.IMPORT: New Zealand, Chile, Brazil, Argentina, South Africa.

Types of Apples

Fuji, Gala, Golden Delicious, Granny Smith, Morgenduft, Red Delicious