Golden Delicious

“The Queen of Apples”

FRUTTO: medio-grosso, di forma costante, simmetrica, tendenzialmente oblunga, circolare in sezione trasversale; torsolo medio; cavità calicina di medie dimensioni e profondità; calice frequentemente aperto, ma tubo calicino chiuso; peduncolo lungo e sottile.

FRUIT: medium to large, of constant shape, symmetrical, tending oblong, circular in cross section; average core; eye cavity of medium in size and depth; calyx open frequently, but tube closed; peduncle long and thin.

PEEL: not very thick, pale greenish yellow, to yellow to intense full maturity. Isolation is sometimes present, particularly in the areas most suited, pinkish tinge; smooth little waxy, large enough, the average number, rusty, obvious.

FLESH: yellowish white, fully ripe, juicy, quite aromatic.

AGING: optimum ripeness for storage is reached to September 20.

MARKETING: considering the excellent keeping qualities, the product can be marketed throughout the year, from October to September.